120 central enterprises Yuanjiang order value over 700 billion

120 central enterprises Yuanjiang total orders exceed 20 August, led by the SASAC director Wang Yong, 120 central enterprises collective debut Xinjiang, industrial reconstruction projects were signed nearly 90, total orders exceed 700 billion yuan. "'Twelve Five' period, the central enterprises in Xinjiang investment scale will be more than one trillion yuan." Yong said. This means that "five" central enterprises in Xinjiang investment will be the "Eleventh Five-Year" two times, according to the Xinjiang SASAC statistics, as of last year, 44 central enterprises total investment of 573.9 billion yuan. It is understood that the central enterprises in Xinjiang, with industry-led reconstruction, the focus is reflected in support of energy, tourism, steel, agriculture and the new cycle of economic development. In this regard, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Secretary Zhang Chunxian said that Yuan Jiang enterprises should firmly establish the "environmental priorities, establish ecological zone" and the "two sustainable" development philosophy, starting point, high-level, high-effective work to promote the industry Yuanjiang . Especially in Kashi and Horgos two special economic development zone, targeting neighboring markets in South Asia, the establishment of export production base and modern logistics base. Vice President of China PetroChina Sun Longde, said: "The next 10 years, the oil will invest more than 300 billion yuan to build Xinjiang important domestic oil and gas production base, oil refining and chemical industry base, the oil reserve base and engineering and technical services support base." This investment the equivalent of the oil over the past 30 years the total investment in Xinjiang. Shenhua Group chairman Zhang Xiwu said: "Shenhua Group in Yuanjiang industry while actively fulfill their social responsibility, has solved the 30,000 housing problem, but also participate in the new rural construction, built in Xinjiang Polytechnic College, is currently in donations and people's livelihood Two projects total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. "In addition, the participants asked the central enterprises, will promote local SMEs to accelerate development and enhance the level of scientific development, actively participate in Xinjiang restructuring of local state-owned enterprises to strengthen cooperation with local enterprises, implementation of clusters Promotion and integration development, and enhance the "blood" ability of Xinjiang. Zhang Chunxian said that 120 central enterprises to visit, exchange, contract, and project to promote the industry Yuanjiang ground, grabbed Xinjiang's economic development, "bid" is the biggest concern and strong support for the work in Xinjiang.