Heart livelihood of a "boutique" housing project

Recently, the China Construction Industry Association issued a circular, calling on all member companies to further implement the State Council and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction of affordable housing projects do spirit of the document, to strengthen quality control in the construction of affordable housing projects, strengthening process control, to for the people to go to the construction of "boutique" housing project. "Twelve Five" period, China will build 36 million units of affordable housing housing. The UIA notification requirements, where the construction of affordable housing projects of enterprises, to effectively improve and perfect internal project quality and safety assurance system, strictly implement the responsibility system for quality, conscientiously implement the Housing and Urban Construction Department of "affordable housing project on strengthening quality management notice "to develop effective management measures to strengthen process management, careful organization and construction, for once as gifted. It is reported that starting from this year, the organization's building in the construction of affordable housing projects to carry out a "Luban" Project activities. Luban declaration of affordable housing projects, the conditions will be relaxed, but review the accreditation standards do not drop. To ensure the quality of construction of affordable housing projects, built in the Association will work with all regions and relevant sectors Construction (building) associations and relevant units jointly sent experts to declare Luban affordable housing projects technical advice and operational guidance, in a timely manner Construction solve various problems, especially for the foundation, quality engineering foundation body structure, to be in the middle of not less than twice the quality inspection and evaluation to ensure the construction quality. At the same time, the UIA will be based around the construction of affordable housing projects and excellence practice, sum up experience, organizational learning and the promotion of exchange and promote affordable housing project quality continues to improve.