Superplasticizer market inventory

Superplasticizer domestic market vulnerable to run, the price trend is stable, the market price trend is expected to have some room to rise, and the rate of increase in the 100-200 yuan / ton, the volume will gradually rise.

At present, the domestic naphthalence low concentration (powder) the strike price 3600-3700 yuan / ton, 3900 yuan high / ton; high concentration of naphthalene efficient execution price 5000-5100 yuan / ton; poly-carboxylic acid (40%) the mother liquor strike price 7500-7700 yuan / ton; aliphatic superplasticizer offer 1750-1800 yuan / ton.

On the cost of support: an exercise price of raw industrial naphthalene 6000-6200 yuan / ton; exercise price of raw materials polycarboxylate single TPEG body 15800-16300 yuan / ton; acetone feedstock quotations 8800-9000 yuan / ton, the market price trend of late have further up space, in favor of domestic superplasticizer trading rebound.

The construction market demand, demand procurement and lack of new construction area, in the short term demand for superplasticizer in March 2013 before temporarily without any significant growth. With the introduction of five new countries, the real estate control policies will increasingly tightened, or lead to late recovery in the area of domestic new housing starts slow, is not conducive to the domestic market was warmer superplasticizer.

To sum up: expected short-term domestic superplasticizer market mainly to weak run, trading warmer still need to wait.