Shandong Zhuoxing Chemical is one of the  manufacturer of TPEG and HPEG in China, with annual capacity 70,000 tons and output 60,000 tons. The factory is located in Xinhai Industrial Zone, Binzhou City, Shandong Province.  Backed by a 16-year ongoing study, we have already resolved many specialized needs of domestic and foreign customers in the field of PCE superplasticizer. Our aim is respecting people and serving people with technology.

The R&D team is always trying to keep the production technology updated by maintaining its communication with Shandong University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology and other scientific centers in China. Now we have full production lines from HPEG, TPEG to PCE superplasticizer, company owns strict quality control system and inspection system and the perfect on-site services to ensure the provision of satisfactory products.

      Zibo Zhuoxing Enterprises Co., Ltd is the international trade company of  Shandong Zhuoxing Chemical, has begun to export TPEG, HPEG, PCE liquid with 50% content and PCE powder to several countries since 3 years ago. We are willing to provide customers with the latest, best and fastest high-quality products and technical services.