SPS-03 (slump retention type) is a new generation of Eco-friendly high performance polycarboxylate superplasticizer produced by our company with DD-909 (TPEG 2400) as main raw material.

Product details


SPS-03 (slump retention type) is a new generation Eco-friendly high performance polycarboxylate superplasticizer produced by our company with DD-909 (TPEG 2400) as main raw material. 

 Technical Principle

The molecular chain of PCE is comb shape. The main chains of the high performance polycarboxylate superplasticizer molecular are absorbed onto the surface of the cement granules, which can effectively hinder the hydration, enhance its flowing retention ability, the branch chains surrounded by the cement granules, play dual roles of steric hindrance and electrostatic repulsion, it is totally different from the conventional water reducing agents. So the high performance polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizer has better dispersion and water reducing effect.


1. High water reducing ratio: Excellent dispersion can provide strong water reducing effect and water reducing ratio, the initial water reducing ratio is 18%, which assures improving the working performance of the concrete, enhancing the concrete strength and saving cement amount.

2. Production control: The water reducing ratio, fluidity retention ability and air entraining performance of  this slump retention type of  PCE can be adjusted by changing the molecular weight of the main chain, length of the side-chains, density and types of the side chain groups.

3. Superior slump retention performance: Excellent slump retention performance, particularly, it exhibits good performance in low slump retention loss, which assures the workability of the concrete while not influencing the normal setting of the concrete.

 4. Good adhesion: It has good adhesion to the concrete, which

makes the concrete have good workability, no delamination, no isolation, no segregation , no bleeding.

 5. Good dispersion: The concrete has very good fluidity, easy to cast and compact, adaptable to self-compacting concrete.

 6. Wide adaptability: It has wide adaptability with good dispersion and flowing retention ability to varieties of silicate cement, common silicate cement, slag silicate cement and various admixtures.

7.Superior durability: low porosity, low alkali and no chloride ion content can increase the durability of the concrete.

8. Environment friendly: No formaldehyde or other harmful ingredients.


It is applicable to various ready mix concrete  for industrial and civil architectures, especially to low grade commodity concrete.

It is particularly applicable to various national construction works with high performance requirements for the concrete, such as water industry, marine works, seaports, traffics, electric powers etc.

It is applicable to the special concrete, such as high strength, high durability, self-compacting concrete.

Quality Specification

AppearanceWhite or light yellow to brownviscous liquid
Solid Content50±1.0
Water Reducing Ratio≥15
Total Alkali content≤0.3


1. Generally, the dosage range is 0.25%—0.8% per 100kg of total cementitious materials, it can be beyond this range properly for special cements or aggregates.

2.The compounding rate for specific cements is determined by tests. Recommended stirring time is at least 150s for good water reducing effect. The concrete mixing tests should be carried out before using so as to assure the concrete quality.

3.It can be compounded with various retarders, defoamers, air entraining agents and sodium lignosulphonate.

Shelf time: six months.