SPS-35 Slump Retention Type Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer PCE Flake


SPS-35 is a new generation of Eco-friendly high performance polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer flake developed by our company with EPEG 912 with M.W.: 3000 as main raw material.

Product details

Technical Principle

The main chains of the high performance polycarboxylate water reducing agent molecular are absorbed onto the surface of the cement granules, which can effectively hinder the hydration, enhance  fluidity retention ability, the branch chains surrounded by the cement granules, play dual roles of steric hindrance and electrostatic repulsion, it is totally different from conventional water reducing agents, so the high performance polycarboxylate superplasticizer has better dispersion and slump retention effect.


(1) Polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer flake with solid content: 97% min. (Completely soluble in water. If it is used for ready mix concrete or precast concrete, please add PCE flake to water to get a solution with solid content 20% or 10% before use ).

(2) With a good slump retention ability, enhance cohesion, without concrete segregation.

(3) With a good dispersion, an excellent adaptability to different cements, and good slump retention properties.

(4)Having a thermostability to 50℃ (fifty degree celsius centigrade).

Quality Specification






White or light yellow Flake

Bulk Density



pH (23℃)



Solid Content







Water Reducing Ratio






Alkali content




It is applicable to various ready mix concrete for industrial and civil architectures, especially to low grade commodity concrete.

It is particularly applicable to various national construction works with high performance requirements for the concrete, such as water industry, marine works, seaports, traffics, electric powers etc.

It is applicable to the special concrete, such as high strength, high durability, self-compacting concrete.

Usages and Cautions:
(1) A recommended dosage is 0.1%-0.5% by the weight of cementitious materials. Optimized dosages should be determined by mixture design test.
(2) Tests must be carried out before utilization.
(3) This product is forbidden to be mixed with naphthalene sulphonate.
(4) Compatibility test must be done when it is used together with other admixtures.

Package: Packed in 25kg plastic woven bags with PE inner liner, 14 mt with pallets loaded in one 20GP, 27 mt with pallets loaded in 40HC by sea, 25.5 mt with pallets loaded in 40HC by train

Storage & Transport: Stored in a dry place with a normal temperature (below 40℃), no stacking or great pressure to avoid caking. This product shall be transported according to general chemical products.

Shelf time: 0℃-40, the shelf life is 12 months in the original packageIt should be used within 60 days in case of opening the original package.